The Shagle Coin

Coins to Power the Shagle Community

The SAFT sale will commence on December 11th and run until we reach our target. Learn about the Shagle coin below and participate now before it's too late!

Why Shagle Coin

Why Shagle Coin

A new standard in peer-to-peer video chat technology

Shagle is one of the fastest growing random video chat applications online. Our cutting edge WebRTC technology coupled with unique features and language support makes Shagle positioned to become an industry leader in multiple fast growing international markets.

The Shagle Coin enables our fast growing community to send coins to each other, purchase premium features, earn, collect and trade coins.

SAFT Details

SAFT Sale Target 120,000,000 Coins Starting Dec 11th
Total Coin Supply 485,000,000 finite supply
Discount Rate 50% SAFT Sale Discount
SAFT Sale Price .05 cents per coin
ICO Price .10 cents per coin
Coin Activation May 2018
Minimum Purchase 500,000 coins
Maximum Purchase 10 million coins

* Once SAFT sale completed, process for ICO public offering will begin.

Coin Allocation


120,000,000 Shagle Coins to be sold in the coin SAFT sale, representing 25% of the total coin supply.

ICO Coin Sale

25% of coin supply reserved for a future ICO coin sale which will take place in May of 2018.

Future Coin Sale

5% to 25.2% of coin supply reserved for future public coin sales, locked in smart contract for minimum of 6 months.

Founders & Early Backers

27.5% of coins allocated to the Founding Team. 3 to 4 year vesting schedules.

Coin Sale Key Dates


What is a SAFT coin sale?

Safts are 'Simple Agreements for Future Tokens' which is a recognized agreement that lays the foundation for future coin sales. To learn more about SAFTs visit SaftProject

What are Shagle coins used for?

Shagle coins are used for peer to peer coin transfers, premium features, virtual gifts and are earned, traded and purchased by Shagle users.

What if i miss the SAFT sale period?

If you miss the SAFT coin sale and we reach our goal before you had a chance to purchase coins, the next opportunity to purchase bulk coins will be when Shagle coin is offered to the public via initial coin offering in May of 2018.

How can I get involved and purchase coins?

Our private SAFT coin sale is only open to approved individuals and entities. Contact us and tell us some information about yourself, your background and the amount of coins you are interested in purchasing. We will then review your information and contact you once your account is approved and SAFT documents are ready for e-signature.

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