About Shagle

Shagle is an innovative and unique adult chat site that allows people to meet like-minded strangers from around the world via webcam. Started by a single person who became disillusioned with other chat sites that require credit card details to chat, offer little or no features, take too long to load, or continually connect you with the same users, Shagle is designed with one thing in mind – to provide users with the smoothest and most enjoyable chatting experience online.

Who Are We?

Shagle began as the vision of a single person and has now grown into a whole operation of moderators, writers, editors, social media posters, coders and more who all share a love for chatting online. Almost all members of our team have been chatting online for many years, using a number of different services and sites, yet have always felt that there was something missing. Each chat site had some form of drawback, leading us to the conclusion that the only way to find the ideal chatting experience was to create it ourselves. This led to the presentation of Shagle as it is today - a site that is made by people who love to chat online for people who love to chat online.

What Makes Us Unique

Our experience in using chat sites, and specifically random chat sites, led us to understand what people want from their chatting experience online. A combination of simplicity and useful features create the ideal chatting environment and that is exactly what we have created at Shagle. The platform is designed to be easily usable for people of all levels with the main aim being to offer the ability to chat with strangers. We have recognized the most frustrating aspects of other chat sites and countered them to provide a unique chatting experience.

  • Frustrating Features on Other Chat Sites
  • Shagle’s Solution
  • Credit card details required to chat
  • Free to use basic features
  • Little or no features/Useless features
  • Convenient features such as filtering connections by country, webcam, and the ability to chat with girls only
  • Chat platform takes too long to load
  • Lightweight chat platform loads and performs at lightening speeds
  • No users online/constantly connecting with the same users
  • Thousands of users online at all times. Advanced coding ensures users don’t meet the same person twice
  • Too many rules to obey when chatting
  • Less rules, more fun
  • Too difficult or complicated to use
  • Simple chatting platform that can be used by anyone

Our random cam feature connects you directly into face-to-face contact with strangers from around the world at the click of a button. Simply press ‘Start’ and you will immediately be connect with a random stranger. Our features are also designed with simplicity in mind. For instance, you can choose to connect only with users in specific areas of the world by choosing a country at the top of the chat platform – once again all it takes is the click of a button and you can be chatting to people from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, or numerous other countries around the world. Want to chat with someone new? Then simply press the ‘next’ button and you will be immediately connected with a new stranger.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun and simple platform where people can meet like-minded strangers from around the world using their webcam. We want to bring people together, see new friendships and romances blossom, and help to make the world a smaller place.

We continually strive to improve and maintain our service, listening to and taking on board all feedback from users of the site to ensure Shagle remains second to none. Although the service we offer is simple, we still have goals for the future. We want to continue to make the world a smaller place by maintaining our service, we want to see people sharing and enjoying the service by posting videos online, and we want to continue to add countries to help users connect to strangers from every part of the globe.

Why not find a new friend or romance now by clicking on ‘start’ and meeting your first stranger?