Shagle Video Chat Rules


To make sure you can enjoy your anonymous video chat experience, we have a few rules. These rules help keep Shagle safe and friendly. By knowing the rules, you can enjoy meeting new people without worrying about getting in trouble. Here are our rules:

  • Age Limit: You must be at least 18 years old to use Shagle video chat or access the website.
  • Be Respectful: We value kindness and respect. Don't be rude or offensive to others. Being respectful makes Shagle a better place and keeps you from getting banned.
  • No Drugs: Don't use drugs on camera. We want to keep Shagle a safe, drug-free place.
  • Safety First: We care about your safety. Don't hurt yourself, other people, or animals on camera. If you do, we may ban you and might even tell law enforcement.
  • No Blackmail: Don't blackmail people you meet on Shagle. If we find out you did, we'll ban you immediately and might report you to law enforcement.
  • Respect Privacy: Don't record or screenshot chats without everyone's permission. If you break this rule, you could get banned and could face legal trouble.
  • No Spam or Ads: Don't send unsolicited messages or ads. This disrupts the chatting experience and could get you banned.
  • Be Yourself: Don't pretend to be someone else. Always show your true self when chatting. If you impersonate someone, you could get banned.
  • No Bullying: We want Shagle to be a safe place for everyone. Don't bully or be mean to others.
  • Report Bad Behavior: If you see someone breaking the rules or doing something harmful, tell us by flagging the user. Your help keeps Shagle a safe place for everyone.
  • Use Common Sense: Be smart when using Shagle. Don't share personal details like your full name, address, phone number, social media accounts, or bank details. Be careful when talking to strangers online.
  • Follow the Law: Make sure you follow the local laws of your country when using Shagle. It's your responsibility to make sure you're not breaking any laws.
  • Have Fun: Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Shagle is about meeting exciting people from all over the world. Enjoy chatting with different people and make great memories.

By following these rules, you help make Shagle a secure, trusted place for everyone. Your respect for the rules shows you're committed to having responsible, respectful chats online. Join our community, meet new people, and enjoy all the great features Shagle has to offer. We can't wait to help you connect with people from around the world!