Safety on Shagle – Putting Our Users First

Shagle is a cool place where everyone can have a blast. Having a good time means respecting others and sticking to the rules and terms we've set for everyone. We take your safety seriously on Shagle and have implemented various measures to protect you. We also give tips on how you can help keep yourself safe while video chatting on our platform.

Keeping You Safe:
Keeping Yourself Safe:

Staying Anonymous & Private

Shagle lets you video chat with strangers without giving away any personal info. If you decide to make an account, don't worry, we keep your info to ourselves, just like it says in our Privacy Policy.

Follow Community Rules

Everyone in the Shagle community has to follow our rules and terms. Along with following these rules and terms, don't give out your personal info to strangers on Shagle.

You're in Control of Your Camera & Mic

On Shagle, you have full power over your camera and mic. You can turn off your camera or mic whenever you want by going to the "Chat Options" at the bottom of your screen.

Use Filters to Pick Who You Chat With

To filter out unwanted countries use location filters at the top left of your screen. When you want to stop a video chat, just hit the arrow next to the "end chat" button at the top right of your screen to instantly chat with someone new.

Extra Security Features

By upgrading your free account on Shagle, you get some cool security features. These features let you hide where you are and show a "verified" badge, adding another layer of safety.

Use Virtual Masks

Our new feature, virtual masks, lets you keep your face hidden on Shagle. These masks cover your face in real-time and keep your identity safe. We have different masks you can pick from, making your chats even more fun!

Keeping Your Data Secure

We take good care of your personal data and have tough security measures to protect it. Our high-tech encryption methods make sure your info stays safe and private.

Easily Report Bad Behavior

Shagle is a community, and we want users to let us know if they see someone breaking the rules or acting badly. If you see someone acting in a way they shouldn't, just hit the "Report" button at the center of your screen.

Stopping Spam

We've set up strong anti-spam systems to cut down on unwanted messages and keep your chat experience top-notch. Our system spots and removes spam messages, letting you focus more on real chats with real people.

Private Chat That's Encrypted

To add another layer of safety while using our random video chat app, Shagle users can use private chat that's encrypted. Once you turn this on, all messages and broadcasts in private chat are fully encrypted to protect your privacy.

At Shagle, we prioritize your safety and are working hard to make a trustworthy and reliable platform for everyone.