Safety on Shagle – Putting Our Users First

Shagle is a fun platform for everyone to enjoy. Part of that enjoyment is respecting others and the rules in place for all users. We are committed to providing a fun and safe community for all. To protect our users safety on Shagle, there are several measures we have put in place in addition to measures you can take to protect yourself on our video chat platform.

Keeping You Safe
Keeping Yourself Safe

1. Anonymity & Privacy

Shagle is an anonymous video chat platform. This means you can enjoy meeting new people without registering any of your personal details. Should you choose to create an account, we keep your information private as stated in our Privacy Policy.

1. Community Guidelines

All Shagle community members must abide by the guidelines set out on our rules page. In addition to following our community guidelines, you should never provide your personal information to a stranger on Shagle.

2. Enhanced Safe Search

We have implemented cutting-edge Safe Search technology on our platform. While not 100% accurate, this AI filtering blocks most explicit connections. Safe Search is automatically enabled for all users and must be purposefully switched off.

2. Quick Filter & Connection Filtering

You can quickly and easily filter your connections by using the gender and location filters at the top left of your screen. If you’re ready to move on from a video chat, you can instantly connect with a new person by clicking the arrow at the side of the screen of the “end chat” button at the top right of the screen.

3. Cutting-Edge AI Machine Learning

Another innovative technology implemented on Shagle is the use of AI machine learning to assist human moderators. Our AI automatically detects users who break the rules or act inappropriately, banning them from using the video chat app or from using safe search.

3. Virtual Masks

It is easier than ever to remain anonymous on Shagle with our latest virtual masks feature. Virtual masks work in real-time, covering your face and protecting your identity. There are plenty to choose from and they add an additional layer of fun to your chat!

4. Full Hardware Control

You are always in control of your camera and microphone on Shagle. At any time, you can quickly turn your camera or microphone off by accessing the “Chat Options” menu at the bottom of your screen.

4. Easy Reporting of Inappropriate Behavior

Shagle is a community, and we encourage our users to report inappropriate behavior. If you match with someone whom you believe is breaking the community rules or acting inappropriately, you can report them by clicking the large “Report” button in the center of the screen.

5. Increased Security Measures

We provide additional security measures for users who create a free account on Shagle. Registering gives access to premium settings including hiding your location, displaying a “verified” badge, and many other security-enhancing features.

5. Encrypted Private Chat

Shagle members can use encrypted private chat to further protect themselves while using our video chat app. Once selected, all messages and broadcasts in private chat are fully encrypted and unmoderated.